EMUL51-PC                    for the 8051     EMUL51-PC                  for the Philips XA (16 bit)
   8031, 80C31, 8051, 80C51,
   8053, 80C321, 80C32T2,
   80C52T2, 8751, 87C51, 8753.

   T89C51IC2, TS80C31X2/32X2,
   AT89C1051, AT89C2051,
   AT89C51,AT89C52, AT89LV51,
   AT89LV52, AT89C55,

   DS80C310, DS80C320,
   DS80C323, DS8xC520,

   8xL51 FA/FB/FC,
   8xC51 FA/FB/FC, 80C51 GB,
   8xC51 RA/RB/RC, 8xC51SL,
   87C51, 8752, 8052, 8xC54,
   8xC58, 8751, 8x931.

ST Microelectronics
   uPSD3200 (NEW)
SST (call for complete specs)
   SST89C54, SST89C58.

   80C31, 80C51, 80C154.

Philips 8 bit
   (purple for existing designs)
   8031, 80C31/8xC51, 80CL31/51,
   80CL32/52, 80C32/8xC52, 8051,
   8xC51 FA/FB/FC, 8xL51FA/FB,
   8xC524, 8xC528, 8xC542,
, 8xC552, 8xC554,
   8xC557EX, 8xC575, 8xC652,
   8xC654, 8xC754
, 8xCL781/782, 8xC851.

Especially for New Designs:
   8xC51 RA/RB/RC/RD+,
   8xC51Rx2, 8xC591, 8xC592,
   8xC660, 8xC662, 8xC664, 8xC668,

Philips 80C51MX 8 Bit
Extended Addressing

   P80C51MB2, P80C51MC2, P89C669

Infineon 8 Bit
   8031, 8051, 8xC52,
   C513AO, C504, C505, C505A,
   C505C, C505CA, C505L,
   C508, C515, C515A, C515C,

   P51XAG3, P51XAS3, (G37 and C37 are same as G3 and C3)
   P51XAG49, P51XAC3, P51XA-H3, P51XA-H4.
    EMUL68-PC                  for the Freescale 68HC11
   68HC11A0/Al /A7/A8/811A8,
   68HC11C0, FL0,
   68HC11E0/E1 /811E2/E9/,
   711E9/E20, 68HC11F1/FC0,
   68HC711 KA2/711 KA4,

   68HC11KO/K1/K3/K4/711 K4,
   68HC11LO/L1/L5/L6/711 L6,
   68HC11N4/711 N4,
   68HC11P/711 PH,711 PH8,
   68HC11 P2/711 P2
    EMUL12-PC                 for the Freescale 68HC12 & HC9S12
   68HC812A4 (BDM only)
   68HC912B32, BC32, BD/BE32
   68HC912D60, DA128, DG128
   D60A, DT128A, DA128A, DG128A
   MC9S12DA128, A256,
   MCS912DP256, DJ256, DT256,
   DG256, DB128, DG128, DT128,
   D64, DJ64, D32
   MC9S12H256, H128, H64,
   MC9S12A512, A256, A128, A64,
   B256, B128, C96, C64,
   C32, GC16, GC32, GC64, GC96,
   CG128, DP512, DT512, DJ512,
   DP256, DT256, DJ256, DG256,
   DT128, DJ128, DG128, DB128,
   DJ64, D64, D32, T64,
   MC9S12KT256, MC9S12KG128,
   MC9S12KG512, MC9S12K64,
    EMUL16/300-PC            for the 68HC16& 68300
   68330, 68331, 68332, 68F333,
   68334, 68335, 68336, 68338,
   68340, 68341, 68349, 68360,
   68376, 68396.

Some parts have BDM support only.
    EMUL196-PC                 for the Intel 80C196
   8xC196JQ/JR/JT, 8xC194, 8xC196,
   8xC196NP/NT/NU, 8xC198.
    EMUL166-PC                 for the C166 & ST10 (to 40 MHz)
    EMUL-ST10 & FA-PC     for the ST10, FA & C166 (to 100 MHz)
    EMUL-SUPER10-PC      for the Super10 (to 100 MHz)  
   Cl67, Cl67CR, Cl67CS, Cl67SR, Cl65,
   Cl63, Cl61RI, CS, JC, JI
   Cl61 V/K/O, C164CI, C161PI
   C161U (OCDS),C165 UTAH (OCDS)
   XC161(OCDS), XC164(OCDS)
   XC167(OCDS), C166S-V2
   ST10F163, ST10R163, ST10R165,
   ST10C167, ST10F167, ST10R167,
   ST10F168, ST10F169, ST10F269,
   ST10R262, ST10R172L, ST10R272,
   ST10R272L, Super10,
   Super10 OCELite. F269, F276, F280,
   Super10 NEXUS.
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