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In-Circuit Emulator


Key Benefits

  • Philips P51XA-C3, G3, G49, S3, SCC, H3, H4 are supported.
    The C3 and G3 are also known as C37 and G37 respectively.
  • Full feature ICE. From 16 to 32 MHz. No CPU cycle stealing.
  • Seehau advanced GUI: Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, & XP.
  • Compact two board advanced design. This portable, handheld
    emulator goes anywhere your laptop can.
  • Connects through an ISA card, LPTx port, or USB port.
  • Optional 128K or 512K trace board can be added later.
  • Supports all major C Compilers.
  • Shadow RAM for real-time memory viewing at any clock speed.
  • Trace and triggers are viewed and modified in real-time and "on-the-
    fly". No CPU cycles are stolen for these operations.
  • Emulation memory granulation is 16 bytes. 256K to 2 Mbyte.
  • Sophisticated conditional triggers find specified events quickly.
  • Made in the USA. Sold and supported everywhere.

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